Review – Possession
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  • April 4, 2011

I’m still in the mood for the Dystopian/Apocalyptic books, particularly so because the last few I read were fabulous. Possession by Elana Johnson was, however, a let down.

Violet lives with the Goodies, who always obey the Thinkers. The Baddies, however, live for themselves and break all of the rules. Vi knows what will get her into trouble and she breaks the rules anyways; walking with her match in the park after dark, which earn her a one way ticket to prison… in a cell with another boy named Jag… yeah. Things develop between Jag and Vi as she finds herself compelled by him. When the opportunity comes to escape the two take it and find themselves running from those in control.

I was intrigued for a bit of the book but as things went on I found my interest subsiding. I wasn’t really a fan of Vi, or Johnson’s numerous inner dialogue asides (annoying!), or the whole “This is Vi-speech for, or Jag-speech for”… Blah. I was over it very quickly. I fell that this premise could have been something more. However, Johnson missed the mark and that makes this a mediocre book.

3 out of 5 stars. Meh. I won’t bother with the sequel.

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