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  • February 22, 2011

I really needed something light this week. I keep trying heavier, denser things and quickly burn out on them. Something in my brain is not wired well for it at the moment. So, I looked in my pile, scanned a few titles (and ratings online!) and grabbed one that everyone really seemed positive about – Clarity by Kim Harrington.

Clarity (Clare) Fern hails from a family who are all spiritually gifted. Clare herself is a psychic with the ability to recall events from touching objects. She lives with her mother (a telepath) and her brother (a medium) in Eastport, a tourist community off Cape Cod. Together the three run a psychic reading service for entertainment purposes.

Clare has always been considered a freak and is picked on for her abilities. But when a murdered tourist brings a new detective (and his son Gabriel) in to investigate they hire Clare for help. She can finally use her gift for good, as long as Gabriel doesn’t keep distracting her.

I didn’t watch Medium, but I imagine that it’s like this if you wrote it for a teen audience – with all the camp and angst. That said I quite enjoyed it. It was exactly what I wanted. Nothing too overblown or too conceptual, just light and fun and entertaining. I really adored all of the characters in this, and Clare herself is extremely likeable and down to earth (despite a strange ability). I even enjoyed following the mystery and I’m not usually a mystery kind of girl.

Overall, it was precisely what I wanted this week and a charming debut from Harrington. I’m giving it 4 out of 5 from a lot of grammar quirks but that didn’t lessen my enthusiasm for the story. It’s quite a fun book, perfect for a beach read… and, lo and behold, set on the beach! Shiny.

I’ll be reading Perception when it comes out in 2012.

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