Review – Thin Air
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  • January 25, 2011

Gods, that cover is sexy. Just saying.

Book six in the Weather Warden series turned out better than I hoped, considering I was so disappointed in book five. Thin Air starts out with a bang. Joanne has lost her memory and is wandering around in the wilderness with Lewis trying to avoid detection on the aetheric level. She doesn’t know who to trust, only knows that Lewis seems a friend, if not more. David also adds to the confusion, professing feelings for her she doesn’t recall. Add to this mix a drug addled sister, a demon possessing anyone it can, a fast car, and Mother Nature tearing shit up and you have a great read.

Rachel Caine… you’ve sucked me back in. With a vengeance.

I really loved what happened with Joanne in this book. The story surrounds two elements I always love in books – amnesia and dual personality plot lines. This is, more or less, the book in the series that is written for me. I really loved this book, however, there were a few between bits that I zoned out in. I blame outside influence, but the read is still really damned good. I read most of it yesterday.

I rank it a really high 4 out of 5 stars. It’s (almost) perfect, lest we forget my zoning out.

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