2011 Goalwar – A New Madness
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  • January 1, 2011

Well, I’m typing up this blog earlier than I intended. However, 2011 is upon us, and I intend to implement a new madness in my little corner of the book world. I have pulled out a stack of books (pictured above) to peruse through in the coming months. But I get ahead of myself. Let’s pull back and explain next year’s GOAL.

Since I have worked in the book industry I have been unable (or less able) to read off of my own shelves. As such books I purchased years ago are languishing in obscurity. With the constant inflow of books from ARC’s, free final copies, and new series (that I immediately gobble up) I rarely read anything older than a year. And I feel bad. Really, very bad.

To this end I have fashioned a new goalwar for myself – to read the oldest books off of my own shelves. I culled from my goodreads lists (and rooted around my home) and found 50 books that have been in my life for longer than a decade. Some of them have survived moving out of my parents house, to give you an inkling. The rational part of me wonders why? Why have I transported these books to-and-fro if I don’t have any intentions of reading them ever?

The answer is simple – now I have to. I’m making myself do it this year. Dammit!

The 50 Blue Books are featured in my goal page/list. Those are the goal…to get through them, or as far into them as humanly possible. Anything else I read beyond that is just the ice cream to get down the pill… as it were.

I gotta do what I gotta do. I have 1182 books in my apartment, 876 of those remain unread. We have to figure out ways of making inroads into the pile (the pile! the pile!) when and where we can. (Also, I belong to a book club, and I kinda want to read at least one Newbery winning book a month. So there’s that goal as well. Phew!)

So… to Oz? To Oz.


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