Review – Across the Universe
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  • December 3, 2010

I have no earthly ability to look at this book, or read this title, without the song Across the Universe popping into my head, be it The Beatles or David Bowie singing it. It’s fitting, I suppose.

Beth Revis’ debut novel Across the Universe is a thrilling ride, albeit one I was reluctant to pick up. For the record I am not a fan of Space Opera, and, for all intents and purposes, that is what my initial knee-jerk estimation of this book was… Space Opera. Space Opera, to me, smacks of bad Star Trek episodes and blue big breasted alien women bedding befuddled starship captains… which boils back down to Star Trek, when you get right down too it. A whole stereotype of a genre based on one silly TV show.

However, everyone under the sun has recommended this book to me. When nothing else would suit I pulled it out of the pile and took it into the bathtub. This is my usual approach to books I don’t know what to think about. If it survives reading outside of the bath, it’s a winner. The book lasted past the bath, and into the next day, and before I knew it I was madly in love. Space Madly, for you Ren and Stimpy fans.

For the record, this book is barely Space Opera. It is more of a Dystopian Mystery Young Adult Romance that happens to take place on a star ship. It is not what I expected at all, and for that I am pleased. A few bits towards the end become predictable, but that I can ignore. I was wholly surprised by how awestruck this book kept me.

It feels like there will be more, but if the story ends there I am fine with that too. I don’t want to say more, because you folks out there need to be surprised by this book. I was, and am. It’s a great read, and I’ll be looking for more from Revis in the future.

(oooh, bad pun! yuk yuk yuk)

– BP

*Across the Universe releases January 11th, 2011.

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