Review – The Coffin Club
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  • November 16, 2010

…and book five of Ellen Schreiber’s Vampire Kisses series is done. Two more to go, and three mangas (should I decide to read them). Sigh. Growing weary, but still craving candy.

The Coffin Club takes Alexander and Raven back to Hipsterville… back to the “cool” community introduced in book… Two? It was two. (Yay, my internal scan still works this late at night.) Once again Alexander left and, predictable, once again Raven has tracked him down and followed him. I know that she’s the girlfriend, but these are the actions of the “crazy-possessive-stalker-girlfriend-who’s-been-kicked-to-the-curb”. Really, they are, and that was just a whole lotta hyphens going on in that last sentence.

Once again, stuff goes on. Once again Raven waxes romantic on the whole Vampire life thing; going back and forth if she wants to be changed, bringing it up to the boy-toy and getting a resounding no. Once again you kinda sigh over her one-track-mindedness over it all (more hyphens). I’m craving candy, but that doesn’t mean it’s good for me, necessarily.

I said the other day about one of the books that I cannot believe how dim the Vampires in this series are. I will reiterate that here with a passion… Wow…. DIM as MUD. Also, Raven gets a facepalm moment here for the ending in this one. Really? Really really? Seriously? You don’t recognize YOUR OWN BOYFRIEND YOU OBSESS OVER?! Wow. Incredulity.

That may have been a spoiler. I’m probably too tired to be writing this, but soldiering on. I told you the how, but not the why. It’s more astounding for the “duh” moment than anything.

4 out of 5 stars. It’s pretty good candy, strangers.

– BP

P.S. I actually typed Campfires for Vampires at one point during the making of this blog. So tired.

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