Review – Moon Called
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  • November 3, 2010

So, I had high hopes for Patricia Briggs’s Moon Called… extremely high given all of the customers/friends/online folk who have recommended the Mercy Thompson series to me. My problem? I only kinda liked it. I didn’t love it. That’s altogether too sad, considering.

Mercy (Mercedes) lives in the Tri-cities. She runs a garage she inherited when the previous owner (a gremlin) retired from the work. She specializes in older foreign cars and restorations. She’s also a shape shifting coyote “witch” of Native American Heritage. There’s a pack of Werewolves that live next to her too, and love to stir up trouble. One day a runaway calling himself Mac stumbles on her doorstep and Mercy reluctantly takes him in. This triggers a chain of events that finds Mercy relying upon every coping device she knows to get by.

Like I said, I wanted to love this. I’m going to qualify the hell out of that statement. The fact that I did not is further proof of something I have been suspecting for a while now – I am thoroughly over the Werewolf plot dynamic in Urban Fantasy. Done. Finito. I have two series I intend on finishing but I am not starting up anything Werewolf derived in the near future. I’m not sure why but authors like to spend way too much time writing pack dynamics, alpha/omega dominance, and much other bravado and over-the-top posturing and I just can’t read it anymore. It bores me and I don’t have time for it.

Take, for example, this book. This one book that every touts as “The-Urban-Fantasy-You-Must-Read”. I went into it having high expectations. I liked Mercy. A lot. I liked the premise. I liked many of the character dynamics. I liked where it was going. I liked a lot of it. Fast forward 100 pages and I am drowning in fatigue reading overdone passages of drudgery that I can’t even recall the details from. I guess when it comes to Werewolf books my attention just drifts out the window into the aether. And I loved reading Mercy. She has such potential, but I slogged through 250+ pages of barely impacting details and too much “Wait, what’s going on?” moments. And I’m done. I just don’t care.

If you removed her from this series and replaced her in something with less Werewolves and more Vampires you might have me…

…come to think of it there WERE Vampires in this series and they still failed to grasp my attention. Hmmm… Why is it that I am not sick of that plot line yet? Apparently I can read Vampires all day long but throw in Werewolf dynamic and I am falling asleep on the pages.

Maybe I should try this again in a few years? Who knows?

3 out of 5 stars, mostly because I really liked Mercy, and I know that many readers will. I’m just done with Werewolves. Officially. Until Forever by Maggie Stiefvater and the next Andrea Cremer book comes out. I’m calling off-limits on all things Lycanthropic for a time.

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