Review – Delerium
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  • November 12, 2010

“I’d rather die my way than live yours.”

Before I start… really start… I’ll just preface this review by saying this. I didn’t expect to love this book. I didn’t expect to like this book. I thought it sounded like a saccharine premise that Uglies did better and it couldn’t hold up under the Hollywood style pitch – “It’s a world as terrifying as The Hunger Games and a romance as true as Romeo and Juliet“.

Bullshit. I don’t believe it and you can’t make me. Prove it to me.

I stand corrected. I stand, before you all, a convert. I’m overcome. There’s a power to this book that can’t be denied. A beautiful, wonderful power that wows the reader, bewitches and inundates. I’ve completely succumb to this book.

I don’t want to give anything away. The book releases in February 2011. You can read it then. But, if I may just offer a little taste, for me, if nothing else. I really did love this book.

“But I’m not done yet. I swipe at the tears furiously, take a big breath. “Everyone thinks she killed herself because she couldn’t stand to have the procedure again. They were still trying to cure her, you know. It would have been her fourth time. After her second procedure they refused to put her under – they thought the anesthesia was interfering with the way the cure was taking. They cut into her brain, Alex, and she was awake.”

Delirium by Lauren Oliver. 5 of 5 stars. One of my favourite reads so far this year.

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