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  • November 8, 2010

I first heard about Angelfire by Courtney Allison Moulton by chance. I happened upon it online and thought it would make a good read and put it on my radar. A month later I was contacted by the author directly, as she lives in the same area as I do. What a coincidence! What a wonderful twist of luck. “Of course I’ll read your book… wait, you want to do an event at our store?! Sure, let’s talk.”

Of course this kind of intimacy of working with local authors is fraught with peril. What if you read the book and don’t like it? What if you host an event and no one comes? What if it’s all wrong? What if I have to make-believe that I like the book just to secure everything? The back and forth possibilities are endless.

Fortunately, I’m happy to say, I have just finished Angelfire. And I loved it. Honest and for true.

The mythos behind the madness is quite interesting. Ellie lives in mid-Michigan (holla!) and discovers that she is the Preliator – host to an ancient power that allows her to kill hellish demons called reapers. At her side is many-century-year-old Will. Will has been her Guardian since his beginning. It’s what he was created for – to serve and protect. Will also acts as her teacher figure to help her learn to hone her abilities as they manifest.

As Ellie learns more about her destiny she finds herself yearning for the simplicity of her past; for movie nights with her friends, and a time when she didn’t have to lie to her parents every day. Relationships are strained, and Ellie is pushed to her limits. But she cannot let the bad guys win, no matter the cost.

I found this book extremely refreshing. Perhaps it’s my three-book-streak-of-fail preceding this one. Perhaps it’s in the execution. The action writing is crisp and sharp and the dialogue rings true. I know that Angels vs. Demons and Heaven/Hell YA stories are becoming the new Vampires, and I must learn to accept that. My general consensus on that trend are Fallen/Dark angels, yes. Goody two-shoes angels, no. This falls somewhere securely in the middle of type, but still jazzes me to read the sequels. It’s not overly preachy or God-y either. Squee! Angel books I can read! Joy.

Waiting for the next one. Maybe she’ll set it in East Lansing and I can really be wigged out on all things familiar. They keep talking about MSU, it’s not that far of a stretch. Battling reapers on my home turf? Awesome. And weird. And awesome.

5 of 5 stars. Ms. Moulton, kudos! To repeat – I can’t wait for the next one.

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