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  • October 13, 2010


I think I’m going through withdrawal. I loved the Elemental Assassins book by Jennifer Estep, and now they’re all done! *whinge moan* At least until Tangled Threads comes out in April… of next year. Whinge.

Venom starts out with a bang, or at the very least a beating. Ashland “royalty” Mab Monroe and goons, Jonah McAllister and Elliot Slater, ambush Gin in a parking structure while she’s flu riddled. That’s playing dirty! Goon #1 believes Gin murdered his son, Jake, which she totally did, but she’ll never let him know that. Fast forward and Goon #2 is terrorizing local Vamp nightclub owner Roslyn, and Gin knows he’s going to hurt her, maybe even kill her. When a hit turns personal can Gin keep it together til the bitter end?

I’m sad to see these done. I could have read more and more. However, the three currently published have concluded and I have to deal. There’s a lot of quirk to these books that I have come to appreciate; the characters, the food, the atmosphere. It’s all wonderful!

One thing that annoys me, and this is more of a comment about the current state of all things VAMPIRES in the publishing world now, is this. Why are Vampires so damned… human? Seriously, why are they no longer badass creatures of the night? Roslyn is so weak in this book I consistently forget that she’s a Vampire. She cannot stand up to Elliot herself, who, admittedly, is a giant. Literally. But, still? When (or more importantly why) did Vampires become so weak? I keep coming up against this; Vampires who stand in sun and not get burned, who eat human food, who don’t necessarily need blood to live. Who, for all intents and purposes, are slightly better than everybody else? They are abnormally normal, as it were.

I blame Stephenie Meyer. Completely. Blasphemy, yes, but it stands. I (mostly) loved her books (repeat, mostly). I hate her impact on the more frightening literary characters ever conceived. It’s downright shameful that this is what we are saddled with now in our Horror/Paranormal/Supernatural writing. I think this is why I’m currently rereading Dracula to remember why I love the mythos so desperately bad to begin with. I’m not getting what I want out of most other Vampire writing these days.

I’ll stop whinging. However, even with that rant attached I have to give this a 5 of 5 stars. I loved it (with one exception, which I have less of a problem with Estep with and every problem with the publishing industry at large).

I want more. *Whinge!*

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