Review – Stopping Time
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  • October 22, 2010

Stopping Time is a short story by Melissa Marr based in the same world as Wicked Lovely. It follows Leslie, Irial, and Niall from book two in the series, Ink Exchange. It was very refreshing to read this, as these are my favourite characters in the series. This particular addition really helps to round out everyone as well.

Leslie is a student, assiduously avoiding her past, trying to forget the time she spent in the Dark Court with Irial. Now a college student she has a tentative agreement with Irial. They see each other once a week at a coffee shop. They do not speak. That is the agreement. If she wants to see him, she must approach him. She must dictate the friendship.

Leslie begins to receive threatening text messages, messages that want to out the Court. She only wants to move on but finds herself immediately yearning to rely on the Dark Court to solve her problems.

I loved this story. It’s perfect. I’m not usually gaga on short stories but in this case this was the perfect length. I felt almost as if this should be tacked onto the end of Ink Exchange.. it’s how I would have wanted it to end. It’s also a very good palette cleanser to take me from Fragile Eternity into Radiant Shadows. Squee!

5 out of 5 stars. Loved this!

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