Review – Spider’s Bite
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  • October 5, 2010

I *heart* revenge dramas. Seriously, you don’t understand. Like a big old fifty gallon barrel worth of heart. There’s always something very compelling about them. That being said, when I picked up Spider’s Bite by Jennifer Estep I was immediately sucked in.

Gin Blanco is thirty and works as an assassin. When she was thirteen years old an elemental killed her entire family, leaving her on the streets to fend for herself. Guilt riddled, scarred, and traumatized she barely survives until she meets Fletcher, owner of a local barbecue joint, the Pork Pit. Fletcher sees a child in need and takes her in. He teaches her the family business, which has little to do with his secret sauce recipe and everything to do with killing people for pay.

Seventeen years later Gin Blanco is called the Spider, and she kills people. And someone has just killed her Father.

This book had me from the first line and didn’t let go. It’s terrifying. It’s thrilling. It’s heartfelt.

It’s also hella sexy. Damn. I usually don’t go in for such tension but this book is hot. Typically, I need a little plot with my porn to rationalize reading such cheesy sex scenes. The sex was not cheesy, or unnecessary. My rule of thumb – if there’s a sex scene in the first hundred pages it’s not the book for me. This adhered to the rule. Not that I am a prude, mind… far from it… I just don’t like reading sex dialogue.

It’s also a great cast of characters and (yay!) a great plot. Plot in spades! Plots abound! I can have my porn and eat it too.

5 out of 5 stars. Web of Lies here I come.

– BP

P.S. A little nasty thing I discovered whilst pulling the image off of google… don’t type in spider’s bites without the author’s name or you’ll get a ton of shudderiffic grossout pictures of guess what. Of course, now that I told you not to I bet you’re all going to go look. Curiosity is truly a fickle bitch betimes.

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