Review – Radiant Shadows
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  • October 26, 2010

Wow. I am very glad I decided to reread the Melissa Marr books. Not only did I reset the entire world fresh in my mind (a good thing going into the final book) but I saved myself on this book. Which is a good thing, because I love this series. Truly.

Earlier this year I tried to read Radiant Shadows when it was newly out. A big problem I had reading it at that time was that I was so utterly confused about the intricacies of the Faerie Courts. I had forgotten much of the details from the previous three, so picking this one up I was lost and I didn’t want to be. Rereading all of them makes that much of the difference.

The trouble is that this is the book that relies so much upon small details introduced in the first few books, and if you do not have a good hold on those ideas this book makes very little sense. I’m glad I went back. I didn’t want to lose my hold on this series.

Ani is half mortal and half faerie, the daughter of Gabriel, the daughter of the hunt. She requires pure emotion to survive. Devlin is the brother of the twin Queens, Bananach and Sorcha. Years ago before the birth of Faerie they each gave of their blood to make Devlin, a child, a brother to both. Devlin requires blood of both in order to live. Introduce the two and you have a making for a great story. Devlin being High Court has to suppress his emotions. Ani, being all emotions, cannot hide from her nature. The two personalities together is magic, and chaos, and all wrong… and completely right.

I am so glad to have gone back to this. It all makes sense now; the steeds of the hunt that take the form of cars, Rae (the dreamwalker) intertwining paths of people in their sleep, all the politics of everything. I feel better prepared going into the final book. That said, I’m not inclined to plotlines of the Wild Hunt myth. It’s not my favourite tale. That made those bits of the book tedious or annoying to read. I can’t overlook that tedium, so I have to deduct a half star for it. Still, 4.5 out of 5 stars is not bad.

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