Review – Ink Exchange
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  • October 20, 2010

Ink Exchange is my favourite of the Wicked Lovely series by Melissa Marr. I was beyond happy to reread this one. It’s the one that has (thus far) resonated with me the most. There’s something in Leslie’s story that I, as a woman, identify with so much. It hurts to read this book, because I see so much of this character in myself. Sigh. My review, yes. My review.

Leslie has it really hard since her mother walked out of her life. Months later the absence echoes through her home; her father has succumbed to alcoholism, her brother’s addicted to all manner of recreational drugs and has traded her body for his fixes. Reeling from abuse and a mass gang rape Leslie is attracted to Pins & Needles, the local tattoo shop run by Rabbit. She wants an image to mark her skin, something to help reclaim her body as her own. What she doesn’t know is that Rabbit and his sisters, Tish and Ani, have some very powerful allies in the Faery Dark Court.

Leslie’s tale is hard.. Point blank in your face hard. There is little about this book that is sweet and sunshine and rainbows. It’s aggressive, it’s dark, it’s sexy… and it will rip your heart still beating from your body. Particularly when you throw in Niall. Niall is Gancanagh, a faerie whose touch can be addictive. Niall has his own tragic past, and the unveiling of it, plus the dynamic between the two, is magic. This book makes me cry, but I think I am pulling personal experience from many things within. Like I said, it will rip every emotion from the reader.

5 out of 5 stars. I’m so glad that I reread this. Now Radiant Shadows will make sense! Squee!

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