Review – Fragile Eternity
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  • October 22, 2010

Coming out of the epic Melissa Marr reread is book three in the Wicked Lovely series – Fragile Eternity. The first time through I loved this book. It seemed fresh and new. The second time… I skimmed it, to be honest. I found it overall to be whingier and more transitional of the series. It’s a middle book, through and through.

Aislinn has become the Summer Court’s Queen. With the balance of power (and seasons) shifting in the Courts everything is up in the air. Seth maintains a human presence on the sidelines as Aishlinn’s consort while her feelings for Keenan, the Summer King, are heating up. Literally. Outside of the Summer Court the politics rage. High Queen Sorcha is watching the new Queen with a keen interest. Niall, the new King of the Dark Court, has allied himself with Seth. Donia pines for the King she cannot ever have… etc etc.

This book sets up much of the politics I think will be concentrated on in the latter books. Fine, well and good. In the scheme of things though, the reread proved not so good this time around. Whereas the previous books got better, this book suffered. I know this story. I guess I didn’t need to revisit this one as much.

My first read was a 5 star. This time around would have been a 3.5. I’ll split the difference and rank this a 4 stars. I’m geeked to move on to Radiant Shadows, as this was the book I veered on earlier this year. And with that, off I go.

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