Review – Darkest Mercy
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  • October 29, 2010

…and so ends the great Melissa Marr reread of 2010, or in this book’s case “first read”. Le sigh. Darkest Mercy was the whole reason I decided the reread was in order in the first place. Now that they are over.

Sigh… where do we go now?

I’ll miss the feel of these books; the jumping around within the world, the game of “tag-you’re-it” that comes into play within the character dynamic. Reading these books all in a row is a little challenging. Marr is dark. Really dark. And each book falls into this world in a completely different relation to each other. It becomes a little hard whilst reading them piled on top of one another. These books are really emotionally demanding of the reader. I think I would almost rather do it spaced out (hey, that’s what release dates are for!). However, overall, the series is wonderful, and this book makes a perfect ending.

All of the Courts are in chaos. Bananach’s discord is stirring up something wicked. One of the leaders has been killed and everyone is reeling from the impact of this action. Bananach must pay and the war has been joined. However, war is precisely what Bananach is after.

I cannot say much more than that or the entire book will be spoiled for everyone. Rest assured that things fall into place in typical Marr finesse and with typical Marr plot twists. Seriously. Don’t expect anything from the ending of this book. You’re going to be surprised. I was. I still am.

Darkest Mercy will be in stores Feb. 22nd 2011. Until then you just have to trust me that it well deserves a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. I loved it. I’m sad it’s done, but I cannot wait to see what Marr conjures up next time around.

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