Review – Personal Demons
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  • September 30, 2010

Wow. WOW! I completely loved Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers. Completely. Utterly. Wow.

Frannie is your average 17-year-old high school girl from a Catholic family. When new bad boy Luc moves into town school has suddenly gotten more interesting. And there’s a good reason for it; he’s a demon sent from Hell to tag Frannie’s soul for the service of the devil. Problem is, he’s got competition. Enter Gabe, beautiful and blonde, and an angel sent (you guessed it) to tag Frannie’s immortal soul for Heaven.

Frannie doesn’t believe in God, or in love. Frannie is having a hard time getting over the loss of her brother, Matt. Frannie also isn’t some innocent thing to be trifled with. As the story ensues Frannie proves to be a very formidable mark. This girl is not making it easy for anyone.

Desrochers debut novel will have you laughing, and crying, and begging for more. It’s got it all, and is uber sexy to boot. A solid 5 of 5 from me. I reaaaallly, desperately, want the next one.

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