Review – Bring on the Night
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  • September 18, 2010

I love the WVMP books by Jeri Smith-Ready. They make me happy. Last night I picked up Bring on the Night… and I just finished it. They’re fun, they’re quick. They are a hell of a read.

I think I liked this one the best so far. Smith-Ready always manages to tell very inventive stories, but in this one she has surpassed herself. In the town of Sherwood, Ohio there is a fatal outbreak of a very extreme bout of chicken pox. At the same time Ciara and company encounter the walking dead, zombies!


The story gets really tasty from there. Lots of character developments that made me squeal aloud, lots of surprises. It won’t mean much if you haven’t read Wicked Game or Bad to the Bone but it made me very happy.

…and playlists!! I love it when authors include playlists to their books. Jeri Smith-Ready and Rachel Caine do this with their books. Music nerd that I am, I always compile them from what I have in my I-tunes. Interesting to note, I was reading a very good sex scene in this book when Marilyn Manson’s cover of Sweet Dreams came on in the playlist.

Kinda Hot. Not gonna lie. I was into it.

(Why yes, I do blog with this mouth. Frequently.)

Suffice it to say I liked this book. A lot. I want the next one. Badly. A year off? Bugger. A whole year will reduce me to a shuddering pile of want. It’s a pity really.

5 of 5 stars. This really is the best WVMP book so far.

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