YA fantasy Showdown
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  • August 13, 2010

This looks like total fun. Can’t wait to see how it pans out.

Also, my picks per round.

~ Round 1 ~

1. Katsa

2. Christopher Chant

3. Jace

4. Nobody Owens

5. …ooh… Enna or Gemma. Haven’t read the one series and wasn’t a fan of the other. Ummm…. Gemma? I guess.

6. Percy Jackson, although is the other character supposed to be Sam Temple from the Gone books? Hmmm. Tough call.

7. Sabriel

8. Howl Jenkins. Hands down.

9. Astrid. (I think it’s Rampant?)

10. Oh come on, Katniss. Duh!

11. Eugenides. One of my favourite characters ever.

12. Haven’t read either, but have to go with Lessa… because it’s Anne McCaffrey.

13. Oooh, Thorgil. Not a fan of the Fablehaven books.

14. Aragorn.

15. Haven’t read either. We’ll say Alanna, because it’s Tamora Pierce.

16. Oooh, tough one. Ged or Edmund? Well, tentatively Edmund, because he has traitor tendencies so I can see him fighting dirty.

~ Round 2 ~

1. Let’s see, magic vs. brute killing skill… magic. Christopher Chant. Because he can always stop her with a spell and take her out (sorry. I heart Katsa. I really do).

2. Jace vs. Nobody – Jace. His skill is legion, and Bod is just a kid (sorry Gaiman!).

3. Gemma vs. Percy – Percy.

4. Sabriel vs. Howl – Howl.

5. Astrid vs. Kat… Katniss. Before the thought is even finished.

6. Eugenides vs. Lessa – Eugenides. Squee.

7. Thorgil vs. Aragorn – Aragorn.

8. Alanna vs. Edmund – Edmund… the fighting dirty thing again.

~ Round 3 ~ (I hope I’m doing this right)

1. Christopher Chant vs. the volcano… I mean Jace… JACE. There’s only so far magic would take you.

2. Percy vs. Howl – Howl… he’s a better magician than Chant. ;P

3. Katniss vs. Eugenides – erm…uh…ooh…. ummm… Eugenides. (Dodges punches)

4. Aragorn vs. Edmund. Edmund. He’s smaller and can evade better.

~ Round 4 ~

1. Jace vs. Howl – Howl. It’s the magic thing again… and as far as the pretty boy thing goes they would each show up in fantastic clothing, beautifully groomed… but Howl is way more vain. It’s true.

2. Eugenides vs. Edmund – Eugenides… because when it comes down to it he’s a much dirtier fighter than Edmund.

~ Round 5 ~

1. Howl vs. Eugenides – This is where I am totally undecided, because both are two of my favourite characters. I don’t know how this battle would end, so I need help. Between the two, what do you think? Gen from the Thief series by Megan Whalen Turner or Howl from Diana Wynne Jones’ Howl’s Moving Castle? And… go.

Also, if anyone disagrees with me, go for it. I’m up for play partners on this one.

Have fun.

– BP

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