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  • August 12, 2010

Well, I crashed and burned at the finish line. I’m under ten books away from finishing for my 100 books read goal and I crashed. I think I went ten solid days reading, maybe, sixty pages the whole time. Not good.

Coming off of my non-reading period is Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick, which broke my non-reading streak. With a vengeance.

I cannot say much about this book without revealing the entire plot and, thusly, ruining it for so many people. This book picks up pretty much after the end of Hush Hush. Patch and Nora’s relationship is stronger than ever but an unrest sits between them now that Patch is Nora’s guardian angel. For this part of the character development I was very fearful of this book. Patch…as a good guy…. huh? What the? I was scared about this for a whole year with these books, that Patch would become the ultimate über good guy and that I would not like him anymore. I mean, seriously, and I think Fitzpatrick fans will back me on this, who wants to read Patch as a good guy? We love Patch because he is bad. Because he is devious. That he spent the better part of the first book alternatively trying to seduce and/or kill Nora only made him that much more delicious to read. Face facts, Patch is the new Jace. Period. End of story.

That said, did I enjoy reading Patch in this book? Hell. Yes. Maybe more so than the first book. Everyone seemed more solid in this book. Nora improves with every page. Vee is just a delightful mess. I absolutely adore her. Everything grammatically (and plot wise) that annoyed me about the first book was better in this book. I’ve decided that the silly capers that Vee and Nora always find themselves in is just a matter of course. In the first book it annoyed me how many times Vee talked Nora into stupid situations. In this book Nora took the helm on many of them. Way to go Nora, own up to your stupidity. I respect you more for your silly girly whims as long as you are the perpetrator. Vee is a bad influence. Clearly. But, like I said earlier she’s so much fun to read.

Hush Hush fans, you will not be disappointed. I was very surprised by a few things in this one. A clear 5 of 5 for me.

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2010-08-13 03:22:46 Reply

Promising! I was wondering how Fitzpatrick would pull off a “good” Patch as well!


2010-08-13 14:06:27 Reply

YAY!!! So happy to hear how much you liked it. We love this book sooooo much and cannot wait for everyone to read it in October!!!


2010-08-13 14:14:35 Reply

Sara – She pulled it off by not changing him whatsoever but trying to expand everyone else. It worked really well.

DJ's Life in Fiction

2010-08-13 20:51:27 Reply

Thank you so much for the great review! I’m so glad you liked it! 🙂