2010 Autumn Kids Indiebound List
  • Posted:
  • August 19, 2010


DJ's Life in Fiction

2010-08-19 23:47:37 Reply

Thanks for pointing this out! I LOVED Nightshade, but I didn’t like Extraordinary very much. Have you read either of those?


2010-08-19 23:54:25 Reply

Nightshade was great. Extraordinary I haven’t gotten too yet. I also read “The Replacement” and a few others in there.

DJ's Life in Fiction

2010-08-20 00:03:54 Reply

I have a copy of The Replacement, but haven’t gotten to it yet. What about Halo and Paranormalcy? Both were great in my opinion.


2010-08-20 04:41:20 Reply

I didn’t get an ARC of either.