Review – Valiant
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  • July 9, 2010

Well, Valiant was a bust, a first for me from Holly Black. I didn’t get into it at all. It’s very disheartening though. So far Holly Black has rocked my entire literary world with her writing. This one barely got out of the gate.

With Tithe we followed Pixie teen Kaye and her love Roiben as they navigated through the Seelie and Unseelie courts. In this book the storyline veers away from the courts to the streets of New York. We are introduced to Valerie (Val) who discovers her boyfriend’s infidelity when she walks in on him and her own mother having sex. Val flees to the streets, quickly meeting up with runaways Lolli, Sketchy Dave, and Luis.

I didn’t get very far into the book because my typical cut off point if a read is not holding my attention is 75 pages. I just felt detached from the original story and could not see how this plot line was relevant to the story introduced in Tithe. There are a few very good plot summaries online that caught me up with the rest of the book, but I can see myself finishing this one. I’ve already begun reading Ironside, and it’s already working much better for me.

Despair. I hate giving up on Holly Black, but this one did not do anything for me. I’m afraid I have to give Valiant a 1 of 5 stars. Very reluctantly.


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