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  • July 8, 2010

It took me several years to get to it, but I finally read Tithe by Holly Black. Halle-fraking-lujah!

I’m not sure why the delay. This was just one of those titles I kept putting off, knowing one day I would read it and love it. And… well, yeah… I pretty much did.

Kaye leads a very different life than most high school girls. Her rock star mother, Ellen, has spent years chasing the dream, fronting one band after another in the hopes of attaining fame and fortune. Kaye has traveled the road with her, rescuing her mom from bad boyfriends and swallowing her own vomit and pretty much all that goes with the GLAMourous world of Grrrl Rock. When Ellen’s current main squeeze tries to hurt her she takes Kaye to her mother’s in New Jersey to bide her time between bands.

Kaye spent her childhood at her Grandmother’s, so she easily slips back into a familiar routine. One thing that Kaye wonders is will she see them again. Everyone knows that faeries don’t really exist, except to Kaye they were once her best childhood pals and she has hopes of seeing them again.

There’s a lot more to the story, but I best leave spoilers for other reviewers. I keep seeing such a division on this book. People either ecstatically love it, or bitterly despise it. It seems that it comes down to this – Holly Black is not writing about Disney’s Tinkerbell, and that puts many people off of this story. Well, traditional Faerie lore is not even remotely close to Tinkerbell, or Flower Fairies, or any of the cutesy little winged cherubs we pretend to be as children. Faerie lore is brutal, and dark, and scary. Faerie stories are meant to be scary. Faeries inspire a whole lot of superstition and fear. Holly Black crystallizes this idea with her flawless dark writing and her great idea. She twines many old world ideas about these creatures and crafts a contemporary tale that is both believable and entertaining. There are a few authors to date that have written great Faerie Young Adult stories. Melissa Marr is one of them. The other is Holly Black.

This was a great book to read today. I gulped it down so fast I started stumbling over details. I am hoping I have kept it all straight in my head. Still, I think it’s very easy to say that Holly Black deserves a 5 of 5 for Tithe. For its darkness, if for nothing else.

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2010-07-11 18:20:27 Reply

I read this one. It was borderline. I wanted to like it more then what I really did. Now I just have to read Valiant and then see if that ups my liking rating.

Awesome review!