Review – Midnight Alley
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  • July 22, 2010

So, three books in now and I am still loving The Morganville Vampire books. However, I need a break.

In Midnight Alley Rachel Caine has done some interesting things to her characters. Michael (spoiler) has become a Vampire, Shane (spoiler) is having difficulty accepting him thanks to his bigoted Father’s crusade against the undead, Eve (spoiler) is avoiding her psychotic brother, and Claire (spoiler) has accepted Amelie’s protection. Besides that… oh gods, the twists and turns in this book! Most of it revolves around Claire working with an ancient Vampire named Myrnin to learn the secrets of alchemy at Amelie’s behest. Other than that someone is killing college girls and leaving them at the glass house, which ultimately brings trouble to Claire and co.

These books have become pulp reading for me. They’re imperfect, but they tell a damn good story so I don’t really care. The rapid fire banter between the characters is half of why I read them (the party scene in this book especially reflects Caine’s talents at writing dialogue, good lord!) but the characters are the heart of these books. Michael, quiet and strong with a dry wit that could cut you. Eve, who I’ve more or less substituted a younger Amanda Palmer for in my head, is brilliantly written. Shane, the rebellious bad boy beauty. And Claire, Claire is not my favourite, but I am waiting for her to click into place. I know these books are largely a coming of age story for her, but I am waiting for her to crystallize in my brain a degree or two more. I have a sense of her now, I just wish she had more of a sense of herself. Oh well, the blight of being young, I suppose.

Also, über awesome cliffhanger in this. Wow! If I didn’t have an ARC of Beautiful Darkness, I would be blowing through Feast of Fools tomorrow at the beach. Le Sigh. Until then, 4.5 out of 5 stars. Again.

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