Review – Sisters Red
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  • June 22, 2010

Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce was the first book I read in two weeks that stuck. That’s because it was good. Real good. Putting off an ARC of Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel until I was finished kind of good… Yeah, that good.

I was really intrigued by the premise. At first glance I thought it would be a take on the fairy tale Snow White & Rose Red. It ended up being closer to Little Red Riding Hood than anything. So, it’s a fairy tale crossed with an Urban Fantasy monster hunting teen romance.

Yeah. I liked it. A lot.

Scarlett and Rosie March were once attacked by the Fenris when they were children. During the attack their Oma March was killed and Scarlett suffered while protecting Rosie from a Fenris. Years later, horribly scarred and missing an eye, Scarlett trains and toils to protect all of the Innocents from learning about the soulless beasts that roam among them.

The trouble is that while Scarlett stays true to the purpose Rosie wanes in her attention to the cause. It doesn’t help that Silas, a friend from their youth, has taken up residence as Scarlett’s hunting partner. And Rosie finds him quite distracting, especially when he starts encouraging her to have a life outside of hunting and slaying.

The narration of this is quite good. We, as the reader, jump between alternating chapters of Rosie and Scarlett telling their side of the story, and both voices are very different from one another. Not only that but both have a very different story to tell. The book is really a coming of age tale for both girls that happens to have blood thirsty werewolves in it. Rosie struggles with a desire to fit in, but can’t because of a loyalty to Scarlett and the cause. Meanwhile Scarlett feels she owes much to Rosie but cannot shake her own what if moments. What if she didn’t know about the Fenris? What if she grew up a normal girl, or “dragonfly” as she affectionately calls her peers? What if she hadn’t been scarred?

This is a spectacular book. I did call one of the plot points in the beginning, but I’m not mad at the predictability of it. The book more than made up for it. I think fans of Holly Black, Cassandra Clare, and Melissa Marr would adore this.

5 of 5 stars. I loved it.


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Kaiden Blake

2010-06-23 03:31:30 Reply

This was one of my standout reads for 2010 so far. I’m so glad you liked it. 🙂

Samantha LeAnne

2010-07-05 05:18:52 Reply

This was one of my favorite reads of 2010! I loved the alternating voice between Scarlett and Rosie, it was such a fantastic contrast.