Review – Shade
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  • June 6, 2010

Wow. I’m just…wow. I loved this. It’s one of my favourite reads this year. Wow… can that be my review? Well, where to start then?

Aura has been fighting with her boyfriend, Logan, since almost losing her virginity to him. She hopes to rectify things with him soon. His band, The Keeley Brothers, is scheduled to perform a show soon where two record execs from rival companies are rumoured to show. Aura plans to smooth things over with him that night and give herself to him. Everything seems perfect, until Logan accidentally overdoses and dies….and reappears before Aura’s eyes as a ghost.

In Shade there are what is known as the pre-shifters and the post-shifters; one can see the dead, and one cannot. Aura is young enough to see the dead. She has helped in her Aunt’s law firm for those that wish to testify in trials that will help them move on from our world to the next. She is not afraid of them like the adults are. However, none of that prepares her for the sight of her one true love begging and pleading for forgiveness over the fact that he accidentally killed himself.

I can go on, but I will end up giving away the rest of the book. Rest assured, it’s pretty bloody wonderful. How can you go wrong with ghosts, and interrupted love, and old diaries, and star watching, and Irish punk bands, and dreamy Scottish boys, and not letting go, and impossible love triangles, and and and. I loved it. I lapped it all up and held the spoon in my mouth to savour the taste afterwards.

It’s pretty much the best thing that has happened to me all day, and I saw a show I’ve been wanting to see live (for over a decade) for the first time today. The book is better than that. Wow. And that says what?

I think the strength lies with Jeri Smith-Ready. She’s so cheeky and very good at structuring intense plots with some pretty fabulous ideas. I’ve been a fan of her since reading the WVMP books a while back. This is a sublime effort on her part. A wonderful young adult treat. I fell so in love with all the characters but mostly the three main principles. Aura is the kind of girl I want to drop everything for to go have coffee. Logan, ego and all, had me at hello. But most of all Zachary, the beautiful Scottish boy… patient, but not a saint. I’m mad for Zachary. He’s a perfect counterpoint to this whole idea. No matter what Aura gives he gives back with a flourish. I loved the dialogue between them. I loved this book. I have very little to complain about. It was pretty damn wonderful.

5 of 5 stars. Did I need to add that?


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