Review – Keys to the Repository
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  • June 23, 2010

So, I started reading Melissa de la Cruz’s Keys to the Repository but I quickly grew weary. So much of the book is rehashed details from the Blue Bloods books that I very recently read. In light of that the details were not particularly amazing or mind-blowing.

There are a few short stories in the book that make for an interesting read – most promising was There’s a First (or Fourth) Time for Everything, or “Mr Darcy Requests” and The Lie that Concealed the Truth, or “The Last Meeting”. Both stories tell of the events of Schuyler and Jack’s meetings in the clandestine apartment; the first and final meeting. The latter story tells of the events from Jack’s point of view. Both of these stories were intriguing, but I could have read them online and gleaned the same enjoyment out of them. I don’t think the book itself warrants the $15 sticker price unless you are a die-hard Blue Bloods fan and want to collect everything. I’m glad I borrowed it, because I would have been sorely disappointed.

Like I said, for BB fans this is a natural must. I was unimpressed. 3 of 5 stars for the two entertaining stories, other than that I don’t think it’s worth it.

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