Review – Infinity
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  • June 13, 2010

I really liked the beginning of Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Infinity, but I had too much emotionally going on this week and I just didn’t finish it. My personal life knocked me right out of the story and I couldn’t pay attention to a lot of it.

The beginning of the book was amazing. Nick is 14 and growing up in New Orleans in squalor. His mother is single and extremely poor, his father is in prison for multiple murders. While his mother works in a strip club to keep body and soul alive Nick attends a prestigious private school where he is completely on the outs with the entire population.

One day Nick is suspended for fighting. This triggers a series of results that, more or less, land Nick in a cushy job with an eccentric billionaire… fighting zombies. Well, fighting lots of supernatural baddies, but mostly zombies. Among all of this a host of pretty women are tugging at Nick’s heartstrings, and hormones, and he has to keep reminding himself to stay on the right path.

I veered away from this book. I wanted to love it, and would I have finished it this might have earned a 4 of 5 stars. But I found my attention waning during the fight sequences and only really cared when Nick was interacting with people on a personal level. I only made it to about page 300, and I decided I might have to read this later. It was a lot of fun, just not this week of all weeks.

That said, 3 of 5 stars, for the promise of a good read when I am in the better head for it. I need something VERY light and fluffy right now. Why oh why does Only the Good Spy Young release later this month?


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2010-06-13 21:54:36 Reply

I hope things get better for you. I’ll be opening this book as soon as I’m finished with The Host!