Review – Forgive my Fins
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  • June 4, 2010

Tera Lynn Childs’ books are always fun, fanciful, and full of magic. I like the ease of reading them. In and out quick, no muss no fuss. Her characters are always likeable and wonderfully flawed individuals who are enjoyable to read.

Forgive My Fins follows in the footsteps of Childs’ previous Goddess series (which at this time, I lament, is not being picked up for a third book by the publisher, boo!). Whereas the Goddess series concentrates on Phoebe and co. and their exploits in Greece Fins follows young Lili through her love misadventures in human high school. She’s only half human, the latter half is mermaid. And she’s not just any mermaid but heiress to the Thalassinian throne.

Problem is, she has to be bonded by her 18th birthday to claim any right to the throne.

Second problem, her object of desire, Brody, doesn’t even know she exists. What to do?

With the help of her annoying neighbor, Quince, Lily just may be able to attract Brody’s attention after all. There’s just one catch; Lily has found herself accidentally bonded to Quince instead and will do anything to sever the ties to get the man of her dreams.

Like I said, it’s fun. It’s light. It wanders a bit more romantic than I usually like, but I found the relationships compelling enough. Where it deserved a few eyerolls was in Childs’ overuse of all metaphors fishy to create expressions, swear words, sayings, euphemisms, innuendos, etc. etc. One a page was fine. After many the eyes start to shoot heavenward and the sighs increase tenfold. When it comes down to it though I lost myself in a pleasant book for the entirety of an afternoon and, ridiculous metaphors aside, that always says something.

4 out of 5 stars to Childs for this one. I am intrigued to read her new Medusa Girls books when they come out in 2011, as well as Fins 2.


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