Review – Fahrenheit 451
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  • June 29, 2010

I was encouraged by a friend to pick up Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451 recently, as he is a great favourite of hers. Never having read Bradbury I went into it with a very open mind. I know that he is one of the best that has inspired many of the science fiction and fantasy authors I read regularly. I wasn’t WOWed, but I was entertained.

First off, Bradbury’s writing is beautiful. I’m in awe of the way he structures sentences and thoughts. This is what made the reading so enjoyable to me. As a long distance writer though I could have used less of the very weighty, very long, densely packed monologues that characters were so fond of spewing in this book. I became bored in some of the lengthier passages, skimming much of the material until shorter bits of dialogue began to flow. Long streams of consciousness, spoken or not, make my eyes swim in books. Always have, always will.

That said, I did enjoy the story. It’s a Dystopian classic that I wish I had read 15 years ago before I suffused my head with other Dystopian books. I feel like I would have better appreciated reading this book in high school when it would have been fresher, newer more impacting. Now much of its monumentality is drowned out by lots of feelings of “Haven’t I read this before?” Such a shame. I enjoyed it, but likewise wasn’t bowled over.

That said, I do see the reading of more Bradbury in the future. Rest assured. For now though, less Dystopian (which I love) and more silly books, which I feel that I need at this particular moment in time.

4 out of 5 stars.


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