Review – Vicious Circle
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  • May 31, 2010

Wow, did I lose momentum on this book. Linda Robertson’s Vicious Circle seemed to have it all; a cool main protagonist (Persephone) who is dealing with the recent conflict of having her elderly grandmother move in. Add the death of a friend, a hot Werewolf gunning for you, an offer of several hundreds of thousands of moneys to assassinate a killer and you have the makings for a good urban fantasy…that I didn’t finish. So, what went wrong?

I think what happened is that earlier today I decided that I wouldn’t read anymore of Robertson’s series after this one. When I decided that I simply lost interest and tonight when I was reading I got through about three chapters worth and couldn’t tell you what happened. Waning curiosity is brutal, but one would hope the author would be able to keep your attention on a guilty pleasure read. If not, than what’s the point?

The second thing that bothered me was that I recently read all of the Kim Harrison Hollows books and Vicious Circle was heavily reminding me of them in all the parts I didn’t like. If I wanted to read long drawn out spell chapters and tapping leylines I would just go back to Harrison, which bored me when I read her and I skipped large chunks of the books. The meditating bits in this book did that to me, as well as the spell casting bits. Weirdly enough I liked Persephone a lot, although her predisposition for all things Arthurian really threw me for a loop.

I liked it until I decided not to read anymore, and then I didn’t need to. I guess this warrants a 3 of 5 stars for the bits I liked, but probably should be lower since I didn’t finish it. Oh well, life’s too short to read things that aren’t grabbing you.


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