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I just completed the newly released Spells by Aprilynne Pike. I gotta say, admittedly… begrudgingly, I’m a fan. Fast fan.

I have reservations, don’t get me wrong. There are a few things that Pike has written into the story that really annoy me. Item 1: The troll conflict feels unnecessary. The story is not (at this point) about conflict outside of Laurel and her drama with her love interests Tamani and David. It’s not big enough for it. At its heart Wings is about Laurel finding her feet in her own skin and dealing with the romantic what ifs of her love life. The troll plot line feels tacked on, under developed, and doesn’t carry enough weight within the story’s context. Likewise with Spells the troll bits feel very thrown into the mix. You don’t need it and as a reader you almost don’t want it.

These books are about Laurel and Tamani and David and about where Laurel’s place in the human or fairy world. It’s about Laurel failing to make a choice and the consequences of her lack of decision-making skills. My biggest annoyance about the first book was that no one seemed to call Laurel out on her stringing along two guys. Well, that’s gone in this book as Tam finally demands she make a choice. Good. Laurel has to be accountable for her actions. Good! Moral consequence at last.

Tam’s my favourite character. David almost feels like a non-presence. It’s very much more noticeable in this book as Pike spends alot of time developing Avalon and, as a result, the relationship between Tamani and Laurel. Yeah, I’m team Tam all the way. One complaint about this book though, was it really necessary to include the cutesy frolicky scene where Tamani marks Laurels face with his “dust”? In other words his seed. Or, rather, his semen?

Ewww. Fairy spunk. Gross.

I gotta say, I liked this book better than the first one. But it still warrants a 4 out of 5, for several things that just seemed like they shouldn’t have been there. Can’t wait for Enchantments next year. I’m hooked.

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