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Well, that makes book number 50 in my goal of 100 for the year. Go me!

Lies by Michael Grant is not my favourite of the series. It’s still a strong read because the over looming premise is fantastic. However, Lies falls short of perfect and floats somewhere in the “middle book” realm. Allow me to explain.

It’s now 7 months after the initial events in Gone, which left an entire town of kids under the age of 15 adultless. At first several people stepped up to try to run the town and create a society which made sense – Sam was the all-powerful go-to guy, Astrid was the brains, Mary took care of the babies, Albert made sure everyone was fed, etc. etc. Cut to 7 months later and everyone is showing signs of strain. Mary’s eating disorder and depression has been discovered and is now being monitored. Sam has been halved of his influence within the society and is sitting on a council of 7 people (Astrid, John, Albert, Sam, Howard, Edilio, and Dekka). Albert is the only one who seems to not only have himself together but is actually flourishing under the new regime called the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone).

But things are wearing at the edges. Sam feels powerless to accomplish anything. The recent actions of the so-called Human Crew are making things unpleasant for the Freaks (anyone with inhuman abilities caused by radiation mutations). In the old days Sam would have vigilantied his way about putting a stop to every awful thing that threatened the FAYZ. But now the council hems and haws and gets nothing accomplished, forcing Sam to figuratively sit on his hands. And there is still the threat of Caine and the Coates Academy kids, even though they are starving to death and resorting to other means of acquiring protein.

Overall, not my favourite in the series, as I have said before. The ending is a touch goofy and it feels forced. I found out this is the third of 6 planned books. I think that is largely the reason; this is a middle book (again, as stated early). It’s a bridge book spanning between two great plot lines and character arcs. I hope that means the next one will be better. I grew weary of reading this one, even though I will give it 4 of 5 stars. It just wasn’t as sharp as the first two.

Looking forward to Plague next year when it is released. Until then, I’m off to something non-Grant written.


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