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  • May 26, 2010

I waited a while to pick up Gena Showalter’s Intertwined. I probably should have read it when it came out last fall, I could have hand sold a ton of it. I really enjoyed it, but there’s a lot going on which I will try to simplify.

Aden Stone has four voices living inside of his head. Rather, four souls. They are all capable of doing different supernatural things – Eve can time travel, Elijah can predict the future, Julian can raise the dead, and Caleb can possess other bodies. This lands Aden in to all manners of trouble. Not only is he frequently zoning out of conversations with real people to talk to the voices in his head, but he also finds himself in some interesting scenarios.

Take Mary Ann. Aden met Mary Ann in a graveyard while beheading corpses. Mary Ann witnessed the encounter but not to the extent that Aden did – Mary Ann also has an ability, to negate supernatural abilities. Knowing that Aden sets off after her, thrilled not only with her skill at silencing the voices but for another reason as well. Once Elijah told Aden he would fall for a young brunette woman. Mary Ann fits the description.

What follows next is a bizarre, quirky young adult book that I rather loved, despite its few moments of predictability. What shone through that lapse is Showalter’s amusing writing and great deftness to keep several plots going at one time. Not only does she follow two narrators (Aden and Mary Ann who, thank the gods, NEVER FORM ROMANTIC FEELINGS FOR ONE ANOTHER!!! Seriously, how refreshing!) but she has several complicated plot points, time travel, supernatural threads, many love interests and best friends, fairies and witches and goblins and vampires and werewolves and demons (oh my!)… there’s a lot going on here. But, somehow.. despite all of the “what the hell is going on?” moments Showalter pulls off the amazing… it works! And it works really well. And it’s entertaining to boot. Kudos!

I’ve seen many reviews of people lamenting this novel – and in turn Showalter’s turn at being a YA author. The only thing I can deduce are that these are fans of her previous romance novels who, not only implicitly never read anything not-romance genre, but who also never delve in the young adult market. Sorry to say people but the young adult market is the new black. Many adult writers have already gone there – Kim Harrison, Kelley Armstrong, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lilith Saintcrow, Scott Westerfeld, James Patterson, Jenna Black. Even Jeanette Winterson is writing YA now. I also hate to tell you that this is not her first YA novel, it’s just the first one to hit kinda big.

I dug it, a lot. 4.5 stars out of 5, for the one predictable plot line (which I’m not sure that other people will catch. I’m just that good). I look forward to reading Unraveled next fall, unless someone wants to send me an ARC that much sooner.


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