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  • May 5, 2010



It took me two years after the release date to pick up Michael Grant’s Gone. It took me all of 36 hours to devour it. I’ve had customers telling me how amazing it is, and it is just that. Amazing.

Sam Temple is sitting in class one day when his teacher disappears. Some investigation proves that all adults have vanished… gone… and what remains are children younger than 15. Chaos descends and no one knows what to do. A few people step up to run things but ultimately it’s still a society run by children. Children who do not know (or shouldn’t know) how to act as adults.

The story mainly revolves around several main characters and different plots to make up the whole story. Many of these characters have unique abilities that set them apart from the children, and there are many theories about these children, as well as about the disappearance of the adults themselves. Is it God? Is it Aliens? The local power plant? What is causing this bizarre effect? And what should the kids nearing the age of 15 expect from the FAYZ (Fallout Alley Youth Zone)?

This book is amazing, as I have said before. Dark and creepy and thoroughly successful at being disturbing. Let me get this straight, I am a huge fan of dark. What Grant has written in Gone nearly had me shutting the book and putting it aside. That dark. That disturbing. But I picked it up after a few minutes to keep going. That compelling. However, I was close to giving up if one more person got a baseball bat to the head. *Shudder*

The book had me at hello and at goodbye. I am feverish to pick up Hunger as well as the newly released Lies. It’s a clear win for the book – 5 out of 5 stars. Loved it. Want more. Getting more now.


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