Review – The Van Alen Legacy
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  • April 14, 2010

Ok, I finished all four of the Blue Bloods books in 6 days. So that says something.

However, the fourth book, The Van Alen Legacy, is a very different book from the rest of the series. It deviates from the established formula set up for the Blue Bloods. In every book the storyline follows three narrators (Schuyler, Bliss, and Mimi) as the story develops. These three are still present, however they do not spend the majority of the book frivolously gallivanting about New York socialite-ing it up. Schuyler is running across the world seeking asylum from the European conclave. Bliss is riding backseat in her own body while Lucifer joy rides his way over her life. And Mimi… Mimi has forsaken all to search for Jordan Llewllyn with the Venators.

The book is fine. It’s just not what I wanted, nor expected, especially considering that the first three were perfect. I’m reminded of when I read Harry Potter 7. It was a good read, but I laboured through much of the book because it felt SO different from the previous 6. It didn’t jive with me as much. Like HP 7 this book drags. It feels about 70 pages too long, and it’s 250 pages of camping all over again, for lack of a better metaphor.

The other thing I have a hard time buying is Mimi Force. Mimi – as a Venator? Queen Mimi Force of New York proper who survives on multiple feeders, manicures, Pilate’s, and trips to Barney’s…as a Venator? Why on earth would this character become a Venator? The queen of duplicity and cruelty would never give up her 4 figure 5+ course meals to tromp around the world searching out a child, particularly after forsaking her bonding ceremony. This plot line does not work within the constructs of her character. She’s too taking, too much of a princess. She’s Mimi effing Force! Mimi Force…as a Venator? I don’t buy it, even though I know why the plot line is there and see why it has to be it’s a hard bit to swallow.

The first 200 pages of the book are grueling. Then all three work their way back to New York and it becomes a delightful book. However, it’s still 200 pages of camping.

This rates a 4 out of 5. Need I explain why? It’s the first BB book to do that. I hope book 5 makes me happier.

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