Review – The Celestial Globe
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  • April 16, 2010

I’ve waited to read this book since discovering The Cabinet of Wonders last year. It was one of my absolute favourite reads of 2008. Adored it. Utterly.

I’m thrilled to death. The sequel, The Celestial Globe, was worth the wait.

The premise of this book starts up after the events of CoW. Petra Kronos still lives at the Sign of the Compass with her father, Mikal, and her talking tin spider, Astrophil. One day her home is set on fire and she is attacked and wounded, causing her to faint. When she awakes she is in the presence of John Dee… in London.

Meanwhile, Petra’s friend Tomik (a glass maker) seeks her out and stumbles through a “loophole”, which lands him on a beach. Picked up by Gypsy pirates he meets Petra’s friend Neel who explains that there are loopholes all over the world. The pirates are trying to obtain a magical object called the celestial globe so that they can use it to travel the world with ease. Tomik despairs at not finding Petra and vows to reunite with her as soon as possible.

I’m thoroughly impressed with Rutkoski’s skill. She excels at the technical aspect of writing, but more importantly she knows how to spin a hell of a story! Combining fantasy plot lines with historic elements and then setting it in Renaissance Europe… Wonderful. You have so many options with which to play with. First it was Prague and the happenings there now it’s Elizabeth’s court and the intrigue surrounding a few murders, which Petra has to ferret out the criminal in order to get home… gorgeous! Well met and wonderfully written. I’m mad for the next book!

Definite 5 of 5 stars. Loved it!

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