Review – Masquerade
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  • April 10, 2010


Well, that was a fun day. I picked up Melissa de la Cruz’s second book in her Blue Bloods series, Masquerade. This was this morning.. I just completed it. Ummm, another one bites the dust? I suppose.

The books are super quick reads (clearly) but so much fun. This one starts with Schuyler and Oliver searching Venice for Schuyler’s long-lost grandfather, Lawrence Van Alen. Schuyler hopes that in locating him she can put an end to the rash of Blue Blood deaths that have been plaguing New York.

Meanwhile, back at Duchesne, Mimi Force is gearing up for the Vampire ball of the social season, the Four Hundred Ball. Bliss longs for Dylan even as she is experiencing moments of memory loss and extreme fear, and Jack Force is, naturally, being Jack Force. New characters are introduced as well as new complications, new regulations, and new love interests, but the gist of the story is the same – Are the Silver Bloods real or myth, and is there anyway to stop an enemy you don’t know you have?

I’m becoming a fast fan of de la Cruz’s series. It’s too much fun. I think it would take some serious plot twists to derail my enthusiasm now. Sound writing, great story arcs and twists I don’t see coming? What’s not to love? An easy 5 out of 5 stars.

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